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Welded Wire Mesh Fence

Secure Technology, Inc. (STI),

offers a line of security fencing, at a reasonable price, which is perfect for large scale projects where you need security and resistance to vandalism without sacrificing appearance. Secure Technology, a Georgia Corporation, has been participating in all aspects of Security Projects in the U.S.A. since 1990.


Secure Technology is dedicated to excellence in the area of security consulting, security system design and engineering, installation and commissioning of advanced security solutions. Our products and services cater to a broad range of maximum security, highly sensitive government and private-sector clients. Systems are installed in Correctional Institutions, United States Department of Defense Facilities, Department of Energy Sites and Nuclear Power Generating Stations throughout the United States.

State of California Contractors License #747667

Classification: A; C13



Light/Heavy Rail

Correctional Facilities

California Youth Authority


Pasadena Gold Line

Tejon Ranch

Southern California Regional Rail Authority

Energy Facilities

U.S. Government

Industrial/Municipal Clients


Kay Reeves


Fencing Types

Specialized Fencing


Welded Wire Mesh Fence
Welded Wire Mesh Fence
Welded Wire Mesh Fence
Welded Wire Mesh Fence
Welded Wire Mesh Fence
Welded Wire Mesh Fence
Welded Wire Mesh Fence
Welded Wire Mesh Fence


"Not only does this fence add durability, but safety"

Our fences are leagues ahead of regular chain link fences. Years of dedication and engineering put together to create a beautiful, yet sturdy fence that will hold up for years to come.

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