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Secure Technology fencing has not only proven to be free of the expensive maintenance we had always experienced with chain link fencing, but also has provided a great deal more safety for our citizens.With your fences, no vandalism has been successful. 

Dennis Roger Reed

San Clemente, California

The fence has really enhanced the community's appearance near the local Emergency Shelter and Access Center. Not only is the fence aesthetically pleasing, but it is durable and deters unwanted traffic from the railroad tracks to the 400 block of Fernando Court. Many of the local business and property owners are pleased with this new neighborhood improvement. 

Madalyn Blake

Glendale, California

The entrance of the institution in our west parking lot area is not fenced and anyone could walk in. We were experiencing a lot of car thefts and car vandalism. Since the installation was completed, the vandalism has diminished and we have received many compliments on the appearance of the fence.  

Raymond C. Orden

Whittier, California

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